You don’t have to be Shakespeare when you’re writing newsletters.

Writing newsletters does not mean that you are writing the next great American novel. You can relax and just breathe; the pressure is off. Writing newsletters is more about presenting pertinent information in a brief, fun and creative way. Iambic pentameter and other Shakespearean writing techniques can be left behind, and instead you can just have fun.

One important thing to remember when writing newsletters is that newsletters actually do not have much text. No, really, it is true. When you look at the actual content of the newsletter and consider all the graphics, titles, tables and charts that you could possibly include, you do not need to come up with a large volume of text when writing newsletters. It is key, however, to be succinct. Since you do not have the room to be wordy, you must write effectively. When writing newsletters, stay on topic and make your point clear and make it quickly. Your audience will appreciate that as well; a newsletter is a packet of essential information that is supposed to read quickly. If, as a newsletter-writer, you deliver the information in a digestible way, it is guaranteed that the information you set out to convey will reach your audience. Writing newsletters, at the crux of it all, can be fun. Just incorporate your audience, present information in a brief, snappy way, and you will have happy readers.

So be sure to check out our pages on correct Newsletter Format and Free Newsletter Templates elsewhere on this site.

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